Gina M Newton Australian Society for Limnology Congress 2013

Gina M Newton

Dr Gina Newton has over 25 y experience implementing & brokering solutions at the science/policy/ legislative interface in Australian Government agencies. Highlights include: developing impactful evaluation and assessing riverine ecology outcomes for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority; undertaking several world-first aquatic ecosystem-scale Conservation Advice assessments under the EPBC Act (e.g. River Murray, Coastal Saltmarsh, Macquarie Marshes, Giant Kelp Forests, Salt-wedge Estuaries) and delivering and evolving National State of the Environment Reporting and environmental indicator development, at the Commonwealth Environment Department; undertaking Australia’s first assessment of Coastal Vulnerability to Climate Change with the Australian Greenhouse Office; and pioneering research on Australia’s first deep-sea fishing industry, with the Bureau of Resource Sciences. Gina also served for two years as Senior Science Policy Officer with the Australian Academy of Science, and as National President of the Australian Marine Sciences Association. She is also a multi award-winning children’s book author.

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