Stuart D McCallum Australian Society for Limnology Congress 2013

Stuart D McCallum

BSc Monash University 1967-1971 as a student of WD Williams and other in the Zoology and Botany Departments where I developed an interest in the Western District lakes. This included a SCUBA dive in Lake Gnotuk (not bottomless) to recover a sediment core for David Churchill. Worked for 10 years as a biologist with Latrobe Valley Water and Sewerage Board, then 27 years as an Environmental Science teacher in Geelong. The last 3 years have been passed pleasantly with Greening Australia working on the WD Ramsar lakes again along with other Vic. Volcanic Plain grassland projects. Philippa and I live in Bannockburn Vic. We have a daughter Rowena and son Warwick in their 30's.

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